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Among the many different causes of anguish over the effects of the GDPR in the event industry* one of the biggest exists over the scanning of visitor badges for all manner of reasons including lead capture. Despite what anyone thinks, whether they be lawyers or event organisers, this isn’t a linear issue. Debates over what constitutes compliant behaviour can quickly descend into frustrating ‘no compromise’ stand-offs as each party sticks to their selected position, a situation which adds nothing to the teams on the ground trying to do business.

You've probably spent a lot of time recently bringing your digital marketing activities in-line with GDPR. But have you thought about the personal data you collect at events? We speak to lots of companies about their plans and processes for achieving compliance, and events haven't had the same amount of consideration. At every trade show and exhibition, huge quantities of personal data change hands. So here are six helpful pointers to think about when considering your event lead capture processes.